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Frequently asked questions

I have never ordered with Love + Sugar before. Where do I begin?

To place an order you may get the process started by filling out the cookie or cake form which can be found above. The form is easy to fill out, and it is where I get information to assist you in choosing the correct size and ask you to select flavors, as well as provide additional details for your order.  This is an easy way for me to understand what you want, and upon receiving your form, I will contact you via email or phone to discuss details (like color, fillings, decorations, theme, etc) and provide a quote. This is when you can ask any questions you may have!  An order is not confirmed until all of the details are worked out and a deposit or full payment is received.

Please keep in mind that I do not copy the exact work of other cake artists or reproduce copyrighted images.

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How much will my order cost?

All of my cake and cookies are custom baked, designed & decorated just for you! After filling out the interest form, I will contact you with a quote and we will plan from there! My decorated sugar cookies start at $60/dozen and cakes start at $96 and increase based on size, flavor, design complexity and time commitment involved.

How far in advance should I place my order?

This one is tricky as there are many variables that impact my availability. The simple answer is to fill out the form as soon as you begin to plan your event and I'll check our availability.  It is never too early to book a date for your order.  A two weeks’ notice is wonderful, but if this is not possible, please reach out. Starting in 2024, there will no longer be  additional fees for last minute requests - either can or cannot complete your order. I will try my best to work with you on a design that t=fits your theme and fits my available time.

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How does payment work?

After we work out the details of your order, I will email you an invoice which you may safely pay using a credit card of your choice. Invoices are due upon receipt. Please note an order is not confirmed until all of the details are worked out and a deposit or payment in full is received.

Do you have vegan options?

For cakes: Yes, I do have vegan options. Several cake flavors and fillings are vegan by default (chocolate cake, chocolate fudge filling, four berry jam, and raspberry jam). If a flavor is not marked as vegan, it may be able to be customized upon request. Contact me for more information and we can work something out that fits your tastes.

For cookies: My decorated sugar cookies and soft baked cookies are not vegan, however contact me for more information and we can find a solution!

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Are you nut free?

I am not a nut free home.  Many of my standard ingredients have manufacturing labels that they "MAY contain eggs, milk, nuts, peanuts, soy and/or wheat" and many of the decorations contain soft gel paste food color (food dyes).  I use fresh ingredients and do not add any preservatives. Please ask if you have additional questions about my kitchen procedures.

Do you bake gluten free or sugar free or keto?

No, not at this time. I do not have plans to expand my menu to include gluten free, sugar free or keto options as my home cannot be considered allergen free.

Where are you located? Do you deliver?

I am a home baker located near Van Alstyne, TX.  All orders may be picked up at my home at a mutually agreed upon time.  You will have all of my contact information in case something happens – a simple phone call or text message is appreciated. I do deliver within a small radius of my home (Zip code: 75495). I would be happy to discuss delivery options and provide a quote for you. 

For weddings: Wedding deliveries are quoted within the wedding contract.

Do you ship?

No, legally I cannot ship food items. Love + Sugar operates under the Texas Cottage Food Laws and Requirements. “This food is made in a home kitchen and is not inspected by the Department of State Health Services or a local health department.”

Does Love + Sugar have insurance?

Yes, Love + Sugar carries a General and Professional Liability Policy with Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP).

What size cake do I need for my event?

Check out our cake sizing guide to see how much cake will feed your guests.

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Love + Sugar custom bakery carries national insurance as protection for their customers as well as vendor locations in Texas.